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The Smoker's Club, Inc.

The Freedom Smoking Pipe available at The Smoker's Club, Inc.

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The Freedom Smoking Pipe

The Most Unusual Smoking Pipe in the World! It lights from the bottom and burns upwards - naturally. The patented design holds the ash in place. Nothing falls out.

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The Freedom Smoking Pipe available at The Smoker's Club, Inc.

The Smoker's Club offers the best in books, movies, and more in affiliation with

The Forest Guide to Smoking in London (Forest Guides) 
by James Leavey

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Pro Choice Smokers Rights Links

Forces International

Forces USA

Forces California

Forces Colorado

Forces Connecticut

Forces Duluth

Forces Georgia

Forces Indiana

Forces Kentucky

Forces Los Angeles

Forces Maine

Forces Massachusetts

Forces Minnesota

Forces Rochester

Forces Virginia

Forces Canada

Forces Manitoba

Forces Winnipeg

Forces Italy

Forces Netherlands

Forces New Zealand

Forces Russia

Forces Psychiatry

American Smokers Union

Californians for Smokers' Rights

Coloradans for Smokers' Rights

Delaware United Smokers Association

Delmarva Smokers For Individual Rights

Florida Smokers' Rights

FL: The Crab Trap Restaurant


Freedom of Choice, Inc.

Hawaii Smokers Rights

Massachusetts Citizens For Freedom


NY: Nassau Restaurant and Bar Owners

NY: The Empire State Restaurant and Tavern Association

Ontario Smoking Rightsite

Pennsylvania Smokers Action Network

PUBCO: Pub and Bar Coalition of Canada

Real Texas Freedom

Roxxon's Smokers Rights Page

Smokers Fighting Discrimination, Inc.

Smokers of the World Unite!

Smokers Rights Canada

Smokers Take Back YOUR RIGHTS !

Smokers United

Smoking Bans That Didn't Stick.

Smoking Paradise

Subversive Liberty: Home Page of Pierre Lemieux

The Facts Com

The National Organization of Smokers

The Rosebud Bar in Kentucky

The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter

Brown & Williamson Tobacco
Philip Morris
R.J. Reynolds

Tobacco Industry List

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Smokers Welcome Chat Room Schedule
Find the people you want to chat with!

Smokers Club Forum
Open discussion for tobacco issues. Conversations on products, bans, taxes, information relating to smokers and smokers rights. You can get all the day's posts in one email, by adjusting your membership to "Daily Digest."

Members links...Wonderful people!
Incomparable unique arts and crafts collections!

Chain Smoking Monkey
Shirts, events, and more.

Cigar Informer
Online forum created by cigar enthusiasts just like you.

Craig's Home Page-Camp Pop-Top
Presidential Treason 101 and much more, home freedom page.

Dennis & Company, P.C.
We have what it takes to make sure they don't take what you have.

Eagles Nest
El Paso, Texas. Smoker's petition.

Ericg's Homepage
Where there is the spirit, there is liberty.

Flo's Cigar Page
Cigar reviews and links.

Hamster For President

The Hittman Chronicle

Joe Bob Briggs

Santa in Colorado
Have Santa visit or send a letter.

Sea Monkey
You are about to begin a NEW amazing hobby. ..

Smoker's Lounge
Articles and links for smokers.

Springtree Company
Berry Patch Candles.

Stop The Health Fanatics
For all who treasure liberty and freedom.

Stop The Health Taliban
For militant smokers and eaters.

The Poetry of Cindy O'Connor
Inspirational writing to share.

The Writing of Warren Klass
The Nazi connection and more.

Tulsa Tobacco Party

Email to the Government

State and Local Government on the Net

Internal Revenue Service

The White House

National Center for Health Statistics

United States Senate

United States House of Representatives

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

Thomas: Library of Congress

Break Time

The Intended: The song, The Smoke Police

Garfield Lasagna from Heaven Game

Junk Science Home Page

Urban Legends

Useless Knowledge



The 50 Greatest Conspiracies of all Time

Warner Brothers

Internet Movie Database

Sci-Fi Channel

National Geographic

The Weather Channel

Truth or Fiction

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