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Tobacco should be criminalized

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Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 6:41 AM
Subject: Big tobacco

Hello David:
Tobacco should be criminalized.
If ETS is the danger that Health Canada and other health groups claim it to be.
It should be a federal issue.
Not local or provincial.
At the very least, there should be a national, indoor smoking ban.
It is beyond asinine to even suggest that ETS is "the most dangerous form of pollution" that has no safe level of human exposure to.
Ventilation, not prohibition is the sane solution as opposed to indoor smoking prohibition within private businesses, that wish to accommodate their valued, smoking customers.
All hospitality venues, including
smoke-free businesses should have improved ventilation systems.
There are such systems that exist that can remove up to 99% of ETS and other airborne pollution from a room.
Even if ETS were a health risk(totally unproven by, solid, objective science)improved ventilation would be the answer, not forced smoking bans.
Cooking carcinogens from stoves, fryers and grills would also fall under unsafe human exposure levels as well.Workers should be protected from these deadly toxins also, that is if you actually believe ETS poses even a minor health risk.
Many hospitality businesses including smoke-free ones have asbestos, mould spores and other forms of sick building syndrome.
Unless all these proven health hazards are removed I guess no worker or patron should be allowed to enter such a business until all of these "deadly" toxins are removed.
Restaurants and bars that have fireplaces should be forced to remove them.
They produce thousands of times the number of carcinogens that  a room full of tobacco smokers does.
Better ban them too.
The hospitality industry are fighting smoking bans for good reason.
Smoking bans kill most hospitality industry venues: DEAD!
It is laughable...
Everywhere smoking bans are introduced a good number of hospitality venues take huge revenue hits and there are bankruptcies.
Politicians who enact such bans or bylaws will blame "everything under the sun" except the smoking bans they have championed, as the cause for business losses and bankruptcies.Including claiming the businesses owners and employees are incompetent.
This is a flagrant lie.Many of these businesses were very successful for many years before the advent of forced smoking bans.
You have to wonder if smoking bans are a conspiracy between cooperate chains and local, state and provincial governments, to put most small businesses under and give an even larger market share to fast-food drive-thrus and take out restaurants.
If smoking bans really are so popular with customers, owners would go smoke-free of their own choosing.
It would be unnecessary to legislate such bans or bylaws.
Hospitality venues, unless owned by governments are in fact: PRIVATE PROPERTY!
It wouldn't matter if tobacco companies have conspired to fight smoking bans
(You are right about that, they have indeed.)
The bottom line is smoking bans are not about public, children's or workers health.
They are about social engineering.
To help people quit smoking and to force and unwanted agenda upon an "unsavoury" portion of the population.
Much like "Out of sight, out of mind."
People who don't like the smell of tobacco smoke or fear of ETS exposure for reasons of health, are not forced to visit or work in such establishments.
There is no logical reason that smokers and non-smokers cannot both be accommodated within the private hospitality sector.
As long as tobacco remains a legal product forced smoking bans with the private hospitality industry will be a very, difficult sell.
When there were no smoking regulations back in the early 1980s...
The anti-smoking movement made great gains.
Most smokers did not mind not being allowed to smoke in shopping malls, supermarkets, banks and most workplaces.
The hospitality industry is totally different.
It is about accommodating the customer.
The hospitality industry is the last refuge for smokers.
Most smokers did not mind reasonable smoking restrictions in true public places.
Privately owned hospitality businesses are not public places.
The public can visit such establishments so long as the abide by the rules of the business, it's owners and staff.
Such regulations as dress-codes, the right to refuse service to rowdy or intoxicated patrons is at the private business owner's choice.
So should smoking bans.
Smokers have been demonized and denormalized by the media, our governments and the anti-smoking movement.
The hospitality industry is the last refuge for smokers.
Don't expect them and business owners who rely on their patronage to go down without a bitter fight.
Any city, state, province or country who wishes to enact a 100% smoking ban within the private hospitality sector should lead by example:
By banning the sales of all tobacco products within their borders.
Because...It's not about the money, right?
It's about health.
The HELL it is!
The governments do want Canadians to smoke, drink, pay sin taxes and their prescription drugs.
They also want us to die, without ever having an extended hospital stay, before we become eligible for retirement pensions.
The government and health groups war on smoking is anything but moral or ethical.
"Big tobacco are scum of the earth",to be sure.
But they only seem like minor criminals compared to the "big anti-tobacco" and governments.
The lies, misinformation and hysteria they promote are blatant "hate crimes" as defined by the Canadian Charter Of Rights.
By promoting hatred through specious, anti-smoking campaigns our governments are in violation of our constitution.
To even allow the sales of such an "evil" product that kills and injures so many people is akin to murder.
Our governments are guilty of these crimes.
The real solution:
Ban smoking outright.
Or shut the hell up.
That is what these bastards should do.
One problem: Greed prevents them.
You can crow on about all the "big tobacco" conspiracy theories you want to.
Some of them are very, true.
Keep in mind though:
What our governments and health groups are doing to the "poor, wretched, addicted smokers is inhuman.
To cry that smokers are"victims of big tobacco" and then to overtax these "victims" and ostracize the smokers, while reaping huge tax revenues from tobacco "blood money" is hypocritical and unforgivable.
Those who act so piously and that show blatant disrespect to the rights of others in this society should be punished.
It's hard to believe a single word that our governments and anti-tobacco groups say, regarding smoking or tobacco.
They have "one-upped" "big tobacco."
In fact since 75% of the total price of a package of cigarettes is federal or provincial tax...
Our governments are in fact, the senior partners of the tobacco industry.
The real "merchants of death."
"Big tobacco" can't hold a candle to these greedy, hypocritical liars.
The second-hand smoke, health-hysteria is one of the greatest frauds of the century.
It shall be exposed for the "paper tiger' it is.
For now idiots who wish to push their selfish beliefs, "down the throats of others" can embrace the second-hand smoke is "deadly" myth.
Sadly, solid, objective science refutes every figure and every word the anti-smoking groups profess to be the "Gospel truth."
It's all about money, greed and control.
Anti-smoking is a big business.
An unethical industry that only exists because of "the blood money" generated by the "evil"  tobacco industry.
Anti-tobacco groups make the tobacco industry look like honest, upstanding citizens in comparison.
In real life, the bad guys don't always wear "black hats."
Both sides of the industry the anti-smoking groups and the tobacco companies are scum.
Smokers and anti-smokers are just pawns in a wicked game of unparalleled greed.
Craig Anctil
Burnaby, B.C.
"Home of the failed, 100% provincial indoor smoking ban."


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